Design Sensitization Workshop
Design Sensitization in Modern World

Curator Profile

Akash Gaur is currently devoted to academics at GLS Institute Of Design as Faculty in visual communication. After his Post Graduation (Film and Video Communication Design, National Institute of Design) in 2008 he is been associated in projects as practising designer, entrepreneur. He has spent eighteen years working with several eminent curators, artists, filmmakers and corporate houses. He has a profile for exhibition and preview of his work in every dimension of storytelling. He has contributed to several private and public companies like Rajasthan Kabir Yatra, Albert Hall Museum, Foundation for Ecological Security, Maniam Group and Coca Cola-Zonal Division Rajasthan and Gujarat to name a few. His recent work is a feature film based on the works of Vijaydan Detha which he has written and directed.

Workshop Content

Design is rapidly changing the way of our life in modern world. Its role has expanded manifolds, it comes to us through various channels and literally in a social periphery there is no seclusion from the usage of design and its ever increasing stronghold on our lives. We start our day with design and even while sleeping that bondage with design stays with us preparing us for the next day and it is a circle of life.
What are the necessary domains of design? What are the fundamentals of design and can we understand it while looking at each elements that defines a good design? The scope of Design has grown and is expected to grow for many more years to come. Our role as a receiver, designer or as a good critic shall demand design education. And the journey shall enable sensitivity in looking and observing the difference between good and bad design.

Expected Output:

Participants will be able to comprehensively understand value of design in day to day life. Elements of design will be explored in all practical ways. It shall enhance their professional work in any other disciplines as the workshop employs the the notion “Design is multidisciplinary in nature”.

Material Required:

Color Pen, A4 and A3 sheets(copier and cartridge)

No of Attendees: 15-20