Abstract Art Workshop
Intensive Abstract Expressionism

Curator Profile

Siddharth Pathak is self-trained artist under four major areas, fine art, music, carpentry and writing, with several years of experience in all. Siddharth Pathak believes that every challenge is just a matter of working hard and training, that developing new ways to see everything and to react to it. Siddharth Pathak has a Postgraduate something with specialisation in copywriting from MICA and has worked professionally at many major brands consultancies as a copywriter, he is a visiting faculty at MIT Pune. Otherwise he works independently as an artist who dabbles in many things.

Workshop Description

The workshop will be an intensive and high energy fun study of the Abstract Expressionism and Contemporary Abstraction School of Thought. Covering history, major artists and their work styles, the participants will get a powerful introduction to the subject. The workshop will have the participants practice and create through guided sessions. The workshop will serve as enlightenment to the world of Art emerging from free spirited expression but with intent, concept and real meaning.

Expected Output:

The participants will be exploring Form & Formlessness and Creating Texture. They will be working to create final piece based on a theme/subject while applying everything learned which will be discussed and will be showcased on the conclusive day of the workshop.

No of Attendees: 30


Workshop Charges: Rs.2,200 (per person)