Paper Folding Workshop
Fold that Sheet

Curator Profile

Tapan Agarwal

Tapan Agarwal is a Product Designer who believes in the simplistic function of a form. A Graduate of MIT Pune and Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he seeks only the simple balance of form and function, striving to achieve perfection in the details. he believes that Design is an opportunity to provide great solutions for the living environment.

Lipee Patel

Lipee is a retail and exhibition designer and has worked on various exhibition spaces, trade shows, and branding projects. She believes in creating an experience through her strong skills in visual design and creative problem-solving abilities. Her interest lies in designing handmade products and contribute to the handicraft industry.

Workshop Description

Considered to be a common design technique, folding takes an essentially 2D sheet and brings it to the 3D world. Brown folds aims to establish folding as an essential tool for design practice. With the aim to better understand the meaningful ways in which 2D sheets can make a 3D impact, Brownfolds is based on the simple "Reuse, Reduce and Recycleā€¯ ideology, started as a project to create urban lifestyle products out of paper. Using recycled paper and taking inspiration from origami. What makes Brownfold's products special, is the creative home-trained team of differently abled people that help turn ideas into actual products.

Expected Output:

As the final output of the workshop the participants will learn how to fold paper using grids by understanding key techniques of folding and Creating aesthetic 3-dimensional shapes/forms/objects using paper. And present a product/idea using folding techniques on the conclusive day of the workshop.

No of Attendees: 15


Workshop Charges: Rs.2,000 (per person)