About Gaatha

Gaatha is a social enterprise with a mandate to Research > Document > Showcase  Handicrafts and heritage. Gaatha has been under development since 2009.  

Main objectives of Gaatha are -  ~ Detailed Online Archive & Rich Immersive Visualization of Heritage & Crafts  ~ Build Online Craft Community & network ~ Artesian Skill highlight, Commercial growth & exposure  

 Passion for handicrafts was seeded while doing academic research under Prof. M.P.Ranjan and AditiRanjan at the National Institute of Design (NID). We (the core team) learnt how many beautiful traditional Indian crafts are fighting for survival today. When a craft dies, we not only lose the time-tested techniques but we also lose generations of faith and wisdom that went into making that object.   Gaatha was originally created for researching and documenting Indian craft clusters and heritage which are experiencing rapid erosion. However, we learnt from artisans themselves that need was not to do research alone but to restore ‘pride and commercial opportunity’ in their ecosystem. Today Gaatha thus aims to bring the lost respect and wealth back to these heirloom artisanal clusters.    At Gaatha we are marrying craft-research with clever understanding of technology, to build rich and immersive online experience. Amidst growing online retail, Gaatha intends to educate the customer about the immense value behindhandcrafted products through the stories of their origin, evolutionand making. These products are eco-friendly and teach us a balanced way of life.