About Nathi Nonsense

Nathi Nonsense is an online blog that focuses on societal issues, culture, civilization and all forms of art. Apart from the online blog, Nathi Nonsense also conducts various offline poetry and storytelling events across the old and the new city and is based out of Ahmedabad.  We aspire to be a platform where people can express freely.

Session brief

In this 1 and a half hour, we together will understand the role of art and design in making the society what it is. Don’t worry! It is not a boring talk or discussion! We have a lot of interactive sessions for you such as dance performances, music, poetry, comedy etc; which will help you get sensitized about the role of media and the power of creation. Come by if you believe in the power of art, come by if you feel that society needs change and come along if you feel that you can help create this change.