Sapna Rangaswamy

Sapna Rangaswamy is a classical dancer, a dance critic and contributes regularly in Sruti magazine. She has written a fiction on dance and dancers titled 'The Dance Company' and has penned two other books titled '46+14=06, A Story of a Genius' and 'Camera and Conversations' with her son. A short story titled 'Thank You Tsunami' written by her was published in a compilation  titled 'Project Sunshine for Japan: Posters, stories and Poems about Fukushima' which is a dedication to the victims of the earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear reactor disaster in Fukushima, 2011. She has also written a script for a Telugu movie titled 'Natyam' which is yet to release. 

Bharat Bariya

Bharat Bariya is a living legend in the classical act of dance, hailing from simple beginning from the small village of Halol, Gujarat, dance runs through his blood, discovered at a young age and put to train with the guru’s at the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts. Bharat Bariya’s intense dedication and keen interest to grow into a professional dancer motivated him to break the boundaries of classical dance and explore the world of martial arts, folk and tribal dance forms and the dying Gujarati art form of Bhavai. Bharat Bariya has several thousands of video albums to his name and is accredited with dozens awards and recognition bids by some of the most influential platforms in the world.

Akshay Patel

Living in the precinct of the world famous institution Darpana Academy of Performing Arts, it is no wonder that Akshay Patel took to dancing. He began learning folk dances at Darpana. But his yearn to learn more drew him towards the more complex form of classical dance Bharatanatyam. He began his training under the able guidance of Guru Smt. Maheshwari Nagarajan at Padmabhushan Mrinalini and Mallika Sarabhai’s Darpana Academy. His long stint at Darpana also exposed him to contemporary dance, Kalaripayattu-the martial arts form of Kerala, theater, lighting and all allied fields.

Pooja Purohit

Pooja is a dancer, actress & certified yoga teacher. She was a lead performer with the Darpana Performance Group between 2008 and 2018 where she worked closely with renowned choreographer Mallika Sarabhai. As part of the company and as a freelancer, she has performed in numerous productions across India, the Middle East, Europe and America, working with several international choreographers & directors.