IDANCIFY is Ahmedabad's first 2 months intensive training dance program which was started in 2015. It was started to give the dancers of Ahmedabad to give the knowledge and understanding of technical dancing. In IDANCIFY, students not only become technically strong but also learn to let go of themselves, every day they have a new challenge to face and to step out of their comfort zones, here they not only challenge their bodies but also their brains to be quick and calm. In these two months every dancer goes through a process of finding themselves, they learn how every dancer is different and expresses the same piece of choreography differently. IDANCIFY is a mind game. As it demands rigorous practice, discipline, dedication. Dedication especially towards themselves and their love for dance, as in the programs they require patience to emerge from their own ashes and get into a process of finding themselves and rise. In these two months they gradually start feeling the difference between just doing the steps and dancing from the heart, and performing just for themselves and not for appreciation. IDANCIFY teaches students to work as a team and push each other to work hard and keep trying. Here students get the exposure and opportunity to learn from different national and international dance faculties, which enables them to see dancing with more deeper and wider perspective and grow as a dancer. IDANCIFY is not just a show, it's a feel, a vibe which has left an immovable impression in the mind and the hearts of the people. A training which has turned many non-dancers into dancers and then into performers, made the understand that how being a dancer is more than just doing different choreographies. Made them understand power of hard work, patience, discipline and team work and the importance of working on the bodies. A training which has pushed students to give their best which has made dance mates not competitors and turned them into a big dance family. Taught to express and ended up transforming their personality drastically. IDANCIFY is a home for all the dancers who have dreamed big and want to experience their dream in motion. IDANCIFY is identifying yourself through the medium of dance.