Ahmedabad Design Fest (ADF), an initiative by GLS Institute of Design, GLS University.
ADF is a Design biennial, a step towards bringing India’s Design spectrum together, to reach out to the common people and bring onto one platform to celebrate Design. In this inaugural year, ADF will be held between the 21st – 23rd of December, 2018.
The theme selected for this year’s festival is ‘Celebrating Ahmedabad’. The event has been conceived to promote and honor Ahmedabad as the Design destination of India and to acknowledge that formal Design education first flourished here.
It is widely believed that Art is a depiction of how a society manifests itself, from philosophy to practice, while Design paves the way for a civilization through constant innovation. In fact it is tough to distinguish where one ends and the other begins.
ADF is a grand confluence showcasing different Design avatars in the form of talks by renowned Speakers, Panel Discussions, Start-up sessions, Installations, Exhibit Stalls, Design Workshops, and various cultural performances.
The sole purpose of ADF is to connect people with Design and apprise them about how Design can aid them in various aspects. It goes well with the belief of the institute, Culture Connects, Tradition Confirms and Technology Empowers.


About Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, India’s first heritage city, is a fascinating blend of the old and the new with centuries old monuments and structures nestled amongst the concrete and glass jungles of modernity. The city’s heritage exists through its many sites, and the countless works of art and design that were born of the minds who lived here, taking inspiration from the city’s unique demographics. With the winter crescendo in full swing, the time of the fest is the perfect weather to explore the many sides of Ahmedabad in, roam the city with the cool blue sky over your head as the lazy winter sun warms your expedition to one of the many art galleries, peppered throughout the city, breath in the crisp winter air as you sip at hot brewing coffee from one of the countless coffee houses or join the bustling crowd as they trudge through the unique markets, stopping over at one of the thousands of street side food stalls and joints. In case you are of the mind of exploring the history of the city, walk into the old city, a monumental gathering of centuries of existence where the youngest buildings were probably made a hundred years ago. Come to ADF, come to Ahmedabad.

Explore Ahmedabad

Visit the early morning Sunday market, the best place to go to if your looking for interesting and bizarre merchandise, or take grab something to eat from the late night food market at Manek Chowk, located in the heart of the old city. Visit one of the dozens of interesting museums scattered around the city or enjoy the solace of one the many historical sites that make up the city, and if you're in the mood for some 21st century entertainment head over CG road for an exuberant shopping spree before a chill night at Vastrapur and SG Highway to enjoy the many street delicacies that the city has to offer.


Message from the desk

Message from President

GLS University has always been associated with quality education and I am happy to say that GLSID has taken that tradition forward. It’s a matter of great joy and pride that GLSID has organised this event, although fairly new to the educational world of Design, GLS University’s tireless commitment to excellence has trickled down to our newest excursion and enabled them to pass many major milestones. To fulfill our commitment to educational finesse it was made sure of that we brought on board an accomplished team. Upon witnessing the success of another event last year, the GLSID JOT and all the success they have achieved so far, I have complete faith that this too shall be an event on an epic scale and trust that GLSID shall turn it into a landmark event that will continue to add to the stature of the University. I wish the team at the GLSID the best of luck in their venture.



Message from Director

Success follows those who follow their heart. For years, I have been consistently nurturing the idea of connecting everyone with Design. Now, the time has arrived for the world to witness the manifestation of this idea in the form of Ahmedabad Design Fest (ADF). When this idea of ADF was shared with the students and faculty for the first time, their response was instantaneously positive and whole hearted. ‘ADF has to happen’ was unanimously decided right then. One should always plan for more than what one can achieve alone to turn a dream into a reality, because if it is something good then there will always be people who will help bring it to life. ADF has been conceived like a celebration of Design, where everyone shall come together to bring alive the spirit. ADF will be a perfect backdrop for showcasing the various renditions of Design and a confluence for everyone. One cannot think of a better place than Ahmedabad, the cradle of Design in India, to host this mega festival. So, let’s come together and celebrate Ahmedabad Design Fest and make it a grand success.